Who We Are


Who we are

We are the Religious of the Assumption.

We are inspired by a vision of Jesus Christ and the Kingdom of God, He came on earth to inaugurate. With our many friends and partners, we strive to make Jesus Christ known and loved.



We are women of faith


                                                               Living together in communities


Passionate about  God


                                                                   Passionate about  People               img_2133

We are educators by vocation.

We are called to work for the transformation of society in the light of the Gospel.migs-and-girls









* To discover the good in each person and to help them develop it.

* To forge strong characters

* To give young people roots and wings.phuong-w-kids










Convinced that each of us has a mission on earth, we want to help people discover the meaning of their lives and how they can be of service in our world.


We are an international congregation of 1,300+ Assumption Sisters of over 40 nationalities, in 18 Provinces and Regions responding to the challenges and calls of society in 35 countries around the world.